France World Cup-winner Kylian Mbappe has been often compared to Pele and recently the 78-year-old Brazilian told him that he believes Mbappe can emulate his own achievement of scoring 1000 career goals.

While Pele claims to have netted over than 1000 goals in his career, Mbappe has so far managed to have 103 in total with 92 goals coming at the top level.

“It is possible, I scored exactly 1025, so 1000 goals are possible for him”, Pele was heard saying in Paris where he met with Kylian Mbappe.

The 20-year-old Mbappe who became only the second teenager to score in a World Cup final was humble enough to reply,” Even with the goals in the playgrounds, goals on the PlayStation, I could never reach the 1000 goal-mark.”

Pele was just 21 when he won his second World Cup title in 1962 also added a third 8 years later.

Mbappe netted 32 goals in all the competition For PSG this season and said,” there is only one king here and he is there. I am just Kylian and I am trying my best to help my team and my national side.”