Tokyo’s new international stadium for the 2020 Olympic Games is 90% completed with the opening of the mega sports event is just a year away. On Wednesday media were given a glimpse inside the $1.25 billion stadium which is located in central Tokyo and also will host the opening ceremony on July 24, 2020.

The 60, 000 capacity stadium which will be the venue for track and field and some soccer was designed by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma and aims to embody Japan’s connection with nature. The Japan Sports Council (JSC) oversees the building of the new stadium and has scheduled for completion by the end of November. “We intend to keep up the good work for the remaining five months and do a thorough job”, a JSC official said.

The 45,000 seats among the total capacity of seating are placed already and after the games, the capacity will be increased from 60,000 to 68,000. A total of 185 fans and a misting system in eight areas to reduce the heat of the stadium are placed while high-definition mega screens have been installed in the northern and southern areas.

Wood from Japan’s 47 prefectures was used to craft the eaves of the stadium’s distinctive roof and the seats which are installed are a mix of green, brown and white to reflect trees growing.