South Africa is one of the toughest sides to compete with. They are such a contrast to a team. Day in Day out they perform so well and coming into the big tournaments they cramp a bit. South Africa has always been a great producer of pace bowling all-rounders that have had turned out to be match winners.

With four of their seniors playing the last world cup, Du Plessis, Amla, Duminy and Dale Steyn will surely want to grab the trophy. Into the world cup, South Africa seemed to be a great team with one of the best bowling attacks and a deep batting line up to number 9 or 10. But the injuries to their key guys have to lead the team down. With the complete absence of Steyn, South Africa has lost the great experience of the champion bowler. With Ngidi frequently in and out of the side, the miseries of South Africa have ever increased.

But the greatest factor that is disturbing the African team in the absence of their superstar. Since 2018, South Africa has not been able to capitalize on the situations due to this star not being him really! Yes, the drop in the form of Hasim Amla has hurt the side very badly. Amla averages just 35 in his 16 games since 2018 where he scored 529 runs with just 3 50s and a 100 at a strike rate of 89. Until then he averaged 51 and competed Kohli.

This means that the complete responsibility of the batting department is shouldered by Duplessis and Decock. With De cock getting the starts but not able to convert those has remained a problem in recent times. De cock since April 2015 has inns 62, runs 2971 with run a ball strike rate and scoring 8 100s and 16 50s.

If South Africa wants to fire back in the world cup their key players like Amla and Duminy should come to form and their young guns like Ngidi, Rabada, Markram should shoulder the responsibility.

As it has been revealed that AB Devillers made himself available for the world cup, by willingly stepping out of his international retirement just 24 hours before the world cup squad selection. But the South African Skipper and management felt it is too late and Abd cannot be considered into the scheme. This whole incidence would have had a great impact on the team as the South African management and players have been trolled heavily on social media as well as in press conferences for skipping Mr.360 ABD out of the world cup.

The miseries of South Africa are increasing every day and there seems no end to this tunnel. They always looked a great side on the paper, but deep down the heart, we know they can’t be ones for the trophy!