A few days ago, news of a missing plane that carried Argentinian player Emiliano Sala, shook the sports industry from beneath. Now the sources reveal that French and British authorities have called off the search for Emiliano Sala, who disappeared on Monday near British Channel Islands.

Guernsey Harbour Master David Barker released a statement on Thursday claiming that the chances of survival at this point are remote.

“Next of kin have been informed of this development, and my thoughts go out to the family of the pilot and passenger at this most difficult of times,” the statement read.

“Although we are no longer actively searching, the incident remains open and we will be broadcasting to all vessels and aircraft in the area to keep a lookout for any trace of the aircraft,” Barker added.

“This will continue indefinitely.”

The 28-year old striker from Argentina was signed by Cardiff City last week for a club record fee of about $19m. He was flying from the French city of Nantes- where he played to Cardiff located in Wales for his debut. That’s when the plane lost its’ contact from the radar contact off the Channel island of Guernsey.

Sala’s family has insisted to continue the search as they hope for his sign of life. Rescue aircraft and boats searched for more than 4,400 sq.km of sea but couldn’t find a single trace of it.

Sala told Argentine newspaper Clarin before flying that ‘he was a bit scared.’

The news broke many Cardiff City and football fans into tears. Some fans are tweeting #PrayForsSala, still hoping that he is alive.

Hope is what keeps a person alive and strong. And prayers make a person immortal.