Bengal warriors celebrated their second consecutive victory in the Pro Kabaddi League encounter with the Telugu Titans 30-25 on Tuesday. Maninder Singh leads the win of the squad with his excellent raiding form and scored 11 points for the warriors.

Facing their first defeat of the Tournament Telugu Titans had a disappointing match as they wasted out many opportunities to lead the game. Still, they top the Zone B while the Bengal Warriors climbed up to the third position.

The first half of the game did not witness huge scores but the highlight was the tight defense of the Titans with Abozar Mighani leading them. Match began with the wind blowing in the Telugu direction with a swift 2-0 lead. Nilesh Salunke scored a raid point which definitely gave them an upper hand over the match in the beginning. Warriors quickly regain the momentum and in the fourteenth minute, it was 9-9. The first half ended with 13-10 with the slender three-point advantage to the Telugu Titans.

Telugu Titans defence scored more points than their raiders in the match. This was Telugu Titans’ first defeat of the tournament. They still remain top of the table in Zone B whereas Bengal Warriors climb to the third spot.

In a low-scoring first half, it was the Telugu Titans defence that stood out the most with Abozar Mighani leading them.

The second half of the game saw the power raid of Maninder Singh as he scored with a two-point raid as Warriors inflicted an all out to lead 19-17. The Bengal defense was in top form as they made 3 crucial tackle points and changed the course of the game as they led 26-21.

Rahul Chaudhari did not have a good time as he missed out the opportunity to get Titans back to the game with a critical error which gave their opponent two more points to their account.