The Indian T20 League auction is approaching, and the bar for anticipation is growing as well. The list of retained cricketers has been around for a while. The cricket officials have already revealed the bunch of players that would be going under the hammer.

The list initially held the names of around 1114 cricketers until it was narrowed to 292 after the shortlists were submitted by the eight teams. The auction will mark the participation of 164 Indian players, about 125 overseas players, and 3 Associate Nations players.

The total number of players eligible at the auction is 292, but it will be tough to select all of them because the league’s respective teams have a certain budget to watch at. Hence, only the demand of 61 players being sold to the teams will be met by the league auction. As the rule goes by, depending on their base price, the players have been segmented into 8 groups. The bifurcation of price ranges from 2 crores and down to 20, the lowest being Lakh. But since the auction is just a few hours away, we’re catching a glance at the pros who’ve already registered at the highest base price.

Sources confirm that under the base price of 2 crores, about 10 players have lodged themselves, also becoming the top slab of the Indian T20 league auction. The registration includes to be precise, the identities of a specific number of players from a given nation, 2 players from Australia, 5 players from England, 1 player from Bangladesh, and, last but not least, 2 players from India.

The star cricketers from India who positioned their names on this list are Harbhajan S., and K. Jadhav. They both were part of last season’s Chennai squad. Harbhajan has excluded his name from the league, claiming certain personal reasons.

Here’s the list of the big shots who have registered themselves under the highest base price of the Indian T20 League auction. 

Player   Country  Base Price
G.Maxwell Australia 2 Crore
S. Smith Australia 2 Crore
S. Al Hassan Bangladesh 2 Crore
L.Plunkett England 2 Crore
M.Wood England 2 Crore
S. Billings England 2 Crore
M.Ali England 2 Crore
J.Roy England 2 Crore
K.Jadhav India 2 Crore
Harbhajan S.  India 2 Crore