Derived from the ancient Indian game of Pachisi, Ludo is one of the most played games in India. The reason for its popularity is the versatility that this game brings about. You can literally be at any place and can play the game on your mobile phone. You don’t even need many people to play the game. Even if you are alone, you can enjoy the game in silence. As a result, the online variant of ludo has grown in leaps and bounds in the past few years.

The earliest traces of the game can be seen in the Indian epic Mahabharata where Shakuni used a cursed dice to defeat the Pandavas at the game of Pachisi. The Pandavas, unaware of the illegal dice, even bet their wife Draupadi and ended up losing her too before they were aloof it back by King Dhritarashtra. A different version of Pachisi was also played by the Mughal emperors. It was named Chaupar. However, it was the Britishers who introduced the format of Ludo that we play today in 1896.

How many players can play ludo online?

Playing ludo online with friends or strangers has given this humble game of ludo a thrilling edge and excitement to it. Unlike the olden days, one need not be in the same room as you if you want to play a game of ludo. A maximum amount of four players can play ludo online at a time. Two or three players also can play the game. The more the players the better the thrill.

How to play Ludo?

The players are assigned one random colour each and they are given four tokens. The goal for a player is to ensure all four of his tokens reach the final spot. But it’s not that simple. The other players also have a similar goal and any player has the opportunity to kill the token of any other player, provided the opponent’s token is not on a secured spot. Here’s how it is played.

– To start the game off, the player who gets a six on the dice first will move his token first.

– The player will decide which token to move after every dice throw.

– If there is no way the token of a player can travel further, then the chance moves towards the next player to try his luck.

– If a player manages to bring a six on the dice, then he is given another chance to roll the dice and get even further.

– A player is provided with 30 seconds to roll the dice and make the move. If a player fails to do so under the specified time then the player will miss the turn.

– If a player misses three turns, then he will not be allowed to play the game further and will be dismissed from the game.

– If a player manages to kill an opponent’s token, then also the player will be given a bonus chance to throw a dice.

– Another bonus chance can be availed if a player’s token reaches the final spot. Then that player will a chance to throw the dice once again.

– If a player’s token is in a secure place on the board then none of the opponent’s tokens can kill it. Even the start position of a player’s token can act as a secure place.

– The first one to move all four tokens in the home triangle wins the match.

Some tips and tricks to win a Ludo game online

Although Ludo is generally based on the number you receive, there are several strategies involved to ensure that you go through despite having not much luck with the numbers on the dice.

– The first tip is to ensure that you open all four of your tokens are out in the open rather than just going at it with a single token and hoping for the best. What this will do for you is that it will open the options for you and help you in being a little bit more flexible with the tokens and the moves you might make next. Fewer choices mean you have a larger chance of losing the game. So whenever you get a six on your dice, ensure that you take out a token if you are not in a dire situation.

– The next tip would be to make sure that the pieces that you have taken out are not at a stagnant place. You need to continue moving the pieces whenever you think there is no danger of moving them. This will sure that you move on ahead as a whole and even if you lose a token or two you still have a strong grip on this game.

– The third tip would be to kill your opponents’ token before they kill yours. Whenever you spot the opportunity to take down your opponents then do it without any hesitation because they’d do the same to you. Doing so will do two things. One is to take away any obstacles from the front of you and two is that you will get a bonus chance after killing every enemy.

– The next tip is to keep your token at a safe place so that your opponents cannot hurt you themselves. Whenever possible try moving your token to a secure place and out of reach from your opponents. Also, look twice before moving your token away from a secure place. Only if you feel you have a clear-cut opportunity to do so then do it.

With the ever-rising popularity of ludo in households all across the country, the game has become sort of an ultimate leisure activity for people of all ages and a chance for a little escape from reality. Playing ludo with friends and family not only gives joy to each other but also helps strengthen each other’s bonds.