Pakistani cricket fans have voted the 12-run win over India at Chennai in 1999 as the team’s ‘greatest test match’ to date in the country’s 432- Test history according to the press release by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

To highlight the launch of ICC’s World Test Championship from August first, the PCB last week started a poll asking the county’s fans to vote for the Pakistan cricket team’s favorite Test win.

They were given a list of four Test matches which included the Chennai Test, 1987 Test win against India in Bangalore, the 1994 Test win over Australia in Karachi and their famous win over England in the 1954 Oval Test.

The vote could be made in between July 26th and 29th in PCB’s official FaceBook page and Twitter handle in which 15,847 fans cast their votes in which an overwhelming 65% of the vote went to the 1999 Chennai Test and 1987 Bangalore Test scored just behind it by receiving a 15% vote.

The Chennai Test was played from January 28 to 31 with Pakistan in which a half-fit Sachin Tendulkar scored a brilliant hundred but couldn’t prevent Pakistan from winning.