Kapil Dev, among the most honest and valuable cricketer in the Indian cricket history, goes all ‘gaga‘ and shed some praise-worthy words for MS Dhoni, who is currently on the top notch of its career where he is leading Chennai Super Kings with complete perfection in the current Indian Premier League 2019 and has been playing a vital role in the Indian Cricket team in all forms.

According to Kapil Dev, “No one knows how long he wants to play and how long his body can continue to take the workload.” He further added, “But there is no other cricketer who has served the country so well as Dhoni. We should respect him and wish him good luck. I hope that he wins this World Cup too.”

With Dhoni serving the last patch of his international career, Kapil Dev added that he has served the country in a way none cricketer can ever and to achieve this height takes a lot of patience and courage.

With World Cup 2019 awaiting at the corner, Kapil Dev feels positive about the way Indian Cricket team has shaped and it does require more than luck to win the Cup. If the team is facing no injuries there are chances the current playing XI will score big and take home the cup.

Kapil Dev commented on Dinesh Karthik’s selection as a second wicket-keeper over the young Rishabh Pant, “The selectors have done their job. Let’s respect the team. They have picked Karthik over Pant, then it’s alright. We should just believe that the selectors have done a good job.”

There have been talks among the pundits and sports selectors over MS Dhoni being unfit and losing his pace but with the way, MS Dhoni is performing in the recent Indian Premier League 2019, selectors and sports pundit have again raised questions on their own opinion.