Ludo is one of the most popular online games not just in India but across the world. A couple of years ago, throughout the lockdown period, people were hooked on online games such as Ludo to keep themselves active and entertained. The popular Ludo application saw an increase in the number of downloads.

Ludo has a rich history that dates back to the sixth century CE (Common Era). Just like snake and ladder and carrom, Ludo also originally originated from India. The exact origination of this well-known board game is from famous Ellora caves in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, where the boards were illustrated in the form of paintings and drawings. It is believed that the original version of the ludo game was featured in the epic Mahabharata in which the game was played on the choice-based both the Pandavas and Kauravas had to make. 

In India, the Ludo board will be seen in every household. The Ludo game is one of those board games that are played for relaxation and fun. The Ludo game is very popular not just among the young people but people in the middle age group. Since technology and the internet came into our lives, board games like Ludo, Carrom, Snake and Ladder, Chess and Snooker have completely moved online. The online Ludo Game was not popular when the launched. However, it rose to popularity during the lockdown period.

Ludo online games became a pastime activity for every Indian household during the pandemic and strict lockdown. The online game of Ludo has put away the boredom of the people and the users have had engaging times by playing the Ludo game. However, the people who played Ludo before it moved online have memories attached to Ludo boards since their childhood days. Initially, they might have found it difficult to play the online version of the Ludo game but later they got adapted to it. 

Ludo online games have been the most engaging and entertaining online board games. The young generation of people, the ones belonging to millennials and Generation Z, have kept themselves busy from work by playing online Ludo games in order to refresh their minds. Ever since the emergence of online board games like Ludo, it has made the lives of people easier by playing the online game at their fingertips of mobile screen and striking away the boredom. 

Five reasons why Online Ludo is the best for striking boredom


1. Creates Bonding With Your Family 

One of the main benefits to playing Ludo online is that it creates good bonding with your family. Playing Ludo online with your family is always fun as it will provide entertainment and relaxation to your mind. Online Ludo doesn’t have an age bar, therefore your family members across all the age groups can play the game. One can have engaging times with their family members by playing Online Ludo. 


2. Playing With Distant Relatives and Friends

Apart from playing Online Ludo with your family members, you can also play the game with your friends and relatives who are staying far away from you. One can have good times with distant relatives and friends by playing Online Ludo. One of the benefits while playing Online Ludo with your friends and relatives, it creates a good connection with them. Playing the game with your friends and relatives online will help you to keep in touch with them always. 


3. No Professional Experience Required 

Online games like Ludo, carrom, snake and ladder need not require any prior professional experience in order to play the game. Just a few basic understanding of the game would be enough for a person to play Online Ludo. People across the age group, from kids to old age, can play the Online Ludo. Another advantage for Online Ludo one need not be physically active but must have good focus and presence of mind while playing the game. 


4. Tough Competition 

Online Ludo is one of the best online gaming apps being played by many users in the world. Thus, you will find many players on Online Ludo who are ready to take on you in the competition. You can play online with your family and friends, but once you get a grasp of the game, you tend to try out real competition with random players in Online Ludo. The real competition will test your focus and determination to win the game. 


5. Learn While Playing

Online Ludo might be good for mental relaxation and entertainment, but provides a good set of learnings while playing the game. Online Ludo will teach to have patience and wait for the right chance to make things fall in place for you. It will also teach you not to take your opponent for granted. Apart from patience, Online Ludo will also teach a lesson to young kids between the age group 8-12 about logical reasoning and critical thinking. Online Ludo will also help the players to build confidence in taking important decisions or while having stiff competition against the opponents.

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