Triumphant Lewis Hamilton, who admits his success feels “unreal”  told his fans on Sunday not to blame the drivers for the ‘boring’ processional races, but instead turn the focus on the rule-makers.

The defending five-time world champion produced an extraordinary race success- sixth victory in eight races this year. He also displayed a flawless demonstration of racing to triumph from pole position for the second year in succession in the French Grand Prix. In a largely uneventful race at the Le Castellet circuit, as he led his team-mate Valtteri Bottas home, the world champion put the blame on the sport’s bosses and in particular former leader Bernie Ecclestone.

“Don’t point fingers at the drivers, we don’t write the rules.“We have nothing to do with money shifting, all that kind of stuff. You should put pressure on the people on top, who should be doing the job”, he said.

Even though some hail Hamilton’s relentless success as an era of greatness, some others including the British driver have said that they want to see more track battles and closer competition.

“We need to see a dramatic overhaul. This is a constant circle of F1 for years and years. And even before I got into F1. It is because of the way Bernie set it up and the decisions they made then.“Until that structure change, it will be always the same in my opinion”, he added.