Dutee Chand on Tuesday has won the gold medal in women’s 100m sprint at the 30th Summer University Games in Naples, Italy to become the first Indian to win the same. This indeed is a historic moment for India as no other Indian could qualify for the finals of 100m in the University Games before.

The 23-year-old Chand who recently stole the headlines of the social media after she opened up about her homosexuality, had qualified for the finals with an 11.41 seconds finish in the semi-finals heats. She continued her excellent form and led the final race from start to finish.

Dutee Chand took on to social media to express her delight,” With years of hard work and your blessings, I have yet again broken the record by winning the Gold in the 100m dash in 11.32 seconds at The World University Games, Napoli. In the pictures, are the winners too, with a heart of Gold from Germany and Sweden.”

She also posted a picture of herself with the gold medal to which she had captioned, “Picked it up” and in another one, “Pull me down and I will come back stronger.”