The Indian T20 league has always been challenging to the bowlers. But despite all the hard situations, bowlers have successfully adapted themselves and turned it into a tedious task to go past them on the ground. Bowling itself is such mastery to break and our list of most destructive bowlers has proved it with sheer efficiency.

Jasprit Bumrah:

Depicted as the Yorker king, Bumrah has proved his stand in all the formats of cricket with his mind-boggling bowling skills. The brainy bowler is so precise with his movements that even batsmen think before taking a knock. His strategies and tactics on the pitch make him the threatening bowler of the T20 format. He is one of the prized possessions of the Mumbai Squad and is considered one of the most thriving bowlers of the future. Reckoned as one of the economical bowlers giving us the figure of 7.41, Bumrah also holds a record of bringing down 109 wickets from 92 matches.

Rashid Khan:

The bowler is an ideal example of a spirited young boy rising to fame. Soaring the rankings at a swift pace, Rashid has produced some exceptional digits that are astonishing. Not to forget, he is also titled as the highest wicket-taker of the Hyderabad team in the Indian T20 format. He has a record of stealing 75 wickets from 62 matches he has played. This deadly bowler has a remarkable economy of 6.24 which makes him a lethal weapon against the batsmen.

Jofra Archer:

If you had to name one of the deadliest bowlers of the tournament then you cannot miss out on Jofra Archer. He is quite famous to scare batsmen with his bowling skills. This speedster has an economy of 7.14, but he has also impressed the crowd with his power-play economy which touched 4.34, and no doubt this record landed him among the best bowler in any T20 tournament. He has been responsible to knock the wicket of some really vital names of the cricket fraternity.


T20 format doesn’t favour the bowlers much, the hurdles are too much to fight with, and still, these names make it look like a piece of cake when they gear up.