The long-running debate has taken fresh life, and it doesn’t seem it will settle any time soon. Real Madrid legend & former World cup winning manager Vicente Del Bosque has taken a plunge in the Messi vs Ronaldo comparison.

The 68-year-old Spaniard has acknowledged Ronaldo’s abilities but feels Lionel Messi is better. He told Mundo Deportivo, “I’m staying with Messi. I see a more natural soccer player, from his time in the neighborhood, playing with friends on the street. Even so, Cristiano has extraordinary courage, with physical and technical conditions as a great scorer, but I’m staying with Messi.”

Del Bosque who has many honors to his name as a player & manager also acknowledged that Real Madrid miss Ronaldo’s scoring ability. They continue to struggle since he left for Juventus, now nine points behind Barcelona in the league. And the latter also knocked them out of Copa Del Rey late last night with a 3-0 victory.

Both superstars have etched their names in the history of football. They will go down as one of the best ever to take the field. Many regard them as the best ahead of yesteryear legends because of their amazing consistency. Fans keep on getting wowed & records to keep on tumbling. And this current season is no different with them leading their particular clubs’ charge towards glory.

Our take – It’s alright to have one’s favorite, and see certain individual abilities that make them stand out. Let’s appreciate both & give credit where it is due. We are truly fortunate to witness these legends play in our generation.