The world is going to witness yet another clash soon, at the Asia Cup, 2018 after a long gap of 15 months. This biggest showdown in the cricket world is between none other than the subcontinent giants, India, and Pakistan on September 19th at Dubai.

The craze for this match between the arch-rivals cannot be compared to any other cricket encounter on the face of the earth. And it would be just right at this moment to whet the appetite with some interesting facts about these two champions in the light of the upcoming Asia Cup.

  • Do you know that India and Pakistan never played each other in the Asia Cup finals till now? But then whether it is a final or just a normal one, who cares fans are always super excited to witness these teams face off.
  • In 1984, India won the inaugural edition of Asia Cup but with no finals played. The winner was declared based on the points after a round-robin league.
  • India locked horns with Pakistan 11 times in Asia Cup, with each team winning 5 times, while one match was abandoned due to rain.
  • In 12 editions so far, India reached finals 8 times, winning the title 5 times whereas Pakistan played Asia Cup finals four times, winning 2 of them.
  • Due to the strained political relationship between the countries, Pakistan decided not to play in the 1991 edition which was hosted in India.
  • Both India and Pakistan have played in the 12 editions each of the 13 editions of Asia Cup held until now.

Interestingly September 18th, 2018 will witness the first ODI between the two counties since last year’s ICC Champions Trophy final in England where India was trashed by Pakistan by 180 runs. As the stories of this epic rivalry continue in all colors, the cricket world eagerly looks forward to the next clash between these Titans which will soon happen.