There is a strong connection between the Ajanta and Ellora caves, the Indian Epic – Mahabharata, Mughal emperor Akbar the great and the covid lockdown times in India. The connection, very surprisingly, is our own favourite game Ludo!

The game is engraved on the walls inside Ajanta and Ellora caves, and this is the earliest existing proof about the identity of the game even though the pinpoint origin of this legendary & fantastic game is still unknown. There is a big chance on behalf of this proof that Ludo is an Indian origin game.

Ludo has been in existence for centuries and people have played various similar forms of the game we know as Ludo today. It has been played on-or-with cloth, slate, boards made of seeds, shells, staves and dice. Centuries later, the game of Ludo can even be played online on your mobile as there are various ludo fantasy app download available, such as Playerzpot which is also a ludo fantasy app download on smartphones.

Ludo has been known by various names across time such as Chausar, Chopad or Pachisi in India. This game has also received love from all parts of the world and was known by different names everywhere like the Spanish called it Parcheesi, Chinese called it Chatush Pada whereas the Africans called it Ludu.

Ludo was seen in the Indian epic Mahabharata which plays a crucial role in the story itself, it was the game of preference for the Pandavas and Kauravas which also led to Draupadi’s ‘cheerharan’ and ultimately the war of Kurukshetra started. Although in the epic, the die that was used had some magical powers of the evil uncle Shakuni which made the results biased. In today’s modern era, everything is fairly programmed and you can play with ludo fantasy app download without fear of being cheated.

Although the name ‘Ludo’ is a courtesy of the Britishers in India dating back to the 1800s despite the game’s Indian origins. It is a game that can be played by two or four people for the purpose of fun, learning and it is also a great way to pass your time while using your brain at full capacity possible. You can play the game on ludo fantasy app download – Playerzpot app on your mobile phones.

There are many reasons behind the success of this game throughout the years despite being such an old game. We will focus on some major points as to why this game is so successful while we know that there is a ludo fantasy app download available to us just a click away on our smartphones.

Ludo is a game that is available to one and all, from children to grandparents and from big gathering to people living alone for some work. It is a game that anyone can play from anywhere and share their life stories as the game goes on. Here are some reasons for the massive success of this game –

  1.       Easy to learn

Most board games are very easy to learn and in the newer generation of digital life the learning has become more simple. It takes less than a minute to learn all the rules which are actually easy. Rolling the die gives you a number which is the number of steps your pin moves at once and when two pins come together at the same spot then the one who landed earlier is sent back to their home, from where it has to start again. There are safe spots across the board where your pin is not going to be sent back to home no matter what happens. The person to race all four of their pins towards the finish point first wins the game!

  1.       Non-stop fun with family and friends

All of your friends and family members can enjoy this game which is filled with fun and excitement as you never know what is going to happen next. It is easy to carry as it is just a slim board with one very small pouch for pins and die. It is a very competitive game and it brings out your competitiveness automatically as you start to play the game. It is a bit of luck but ultimately it comes to how you utilize your skills. Now-a-days it is very easily available on mobiles as a ludo fantasy app download on the internet and Playerzpot offers you a safe and secure platform to play.

  1.       Game full of skills while resting at home

It is a very skill-testing game and brings out your competitiveness mechanically as you begin to play the game. It requires only a pinch of luck but ultimately it comes to how you utilize your skills. You and your fellow players can be hooked to the game for hours due to the thrill that Ludo brings on the ludo fantasy app download. It only takes a few seconds to set the board and then the fun begins.

  1.       Brings people together

Board games always bring people together, whether it is online or offline. It is a great way to make friends and to share your thoughts and stories with others. If you play it with strangers, you end up becoming friends eventually and this is how the vibe of Ludo is, you can try and play online by going to ludo fantasy app download at Playerpot website. You get a chance to compete with people from all over the world on online platforms.

Overall, Ludo is definitely going to be one of the best online board games that you will ever play on your mobile phone. There is simplicity, fun and a lot of excitement. You can also win cash rewards if you play it at Playerzpot ludo fantasy app download online. It can be played while you are on your way to home from a long day at work or when you have just finished your studies for some fun break. It is a game that connects people and develops brainy skills along with patience in mind.

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