DUBAI: Asia Cup 2018 has slowly started to pace up heat with the upcoming matches and rugged competition, but what’s increasing rapidly is the dry heat that beats the sportsmanship out of you. As you the enter the stadium premises, the heat emitted per second from the turf, hits you hard, two times then that of one stuck in Mumbai traffic. At the practice area, you find cricketers going through their paces to keep in shape for the tournament.

Amongst all the participating teams, India is the only team that has the least idea about the pitches and the conditions of the pitches here. India really needs to come with strategies to overcome their contenders and also to maintain their calm during dry heat flow.

“For the guys coming in from England, it will be a challenge. The conditions are not easy,” Rohit Sharma conceded. Currently MS Dhoni is the only player credited with playing international cricket in UAE in 2006. BCCI have avoided playing cricket in the desert for reasons beyond cricket.

After dismantling Hong Kong on Sunday, Pakistan’s left arm pacer Usman Khan talked about reverse swing,”Today’s wicket was slowish but I was tring to bowl fast. With the new ball, I was going for wickets, but I didn’t get any. When I came on for my second spell, the ball was scuffed up, so I got  reverse swing.”

The match against Hong Kong is just a warm up for India. “The last time we played was for IPL 2014. So tomorrow is a perfect chance to understand conditions, wickets, dimensions of the ground and all those kind of things,” Rohit reckoned. He went to add,”We know the pitches, we will be slower. We just have to adapt that and play according to the conditions.”

India have to play and move forward with some steady steps, because the format is such that one bad game could lead to major embarrassment.